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Facebook Live - Sound Bath Meditation
By Gentle Earth Sound Therapy


Sound bath meditation takes your mind directly into a nurtured state creating feelings of tranquility, peace, and restorative wellness. They are part of ancient practices that have been used as a tool for thousands of years.

This experience is not a concert in the way a traditional music concert requires your attention and observation. A sound bath strips away the structural elements that music has such as rhythm, arrangement, and performance. It's not about analyzing any of these facets; it’s facilitation into a deeper level of awareness providing an opportunity to unplug from a hyperactive reality to gain perspective with what's going on within you.

This highly meaningful and enriching practice allows us the opportunity to go inward on our own terms. To help ease the stress of current world uncertainty and support overall well-being. This offering is suitable for all levels of practitioners. Headphones HIGHLY encouraged for optimal sound.

There are no costs associated with this offering but if you find value in it, we would love your support by making a heartfelt donation to:

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Date and Time
Saturday, March 28, 2020
7:00PM (EST5EDT - Eastern Time)

Gentle Earth Sound Therapy
(517) 927-4866