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Sorry, I'm Not Leaving | A solo exhibition of work by Britta Urness
By Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center

Sorry, I'm Not Leaving is a debut of new work by artist Britta Urness. Britta states:

"Most recently, I’ve been exploring sculptural forms that can act as new surfaces for textures and print language. I see this type of dimensionality as a vessel for themes that I’ve developed in my printmaking, drawing, and collage work.

There are three main modes of output; transformed “known” objects, geometric planar wall sculptures, and monoprints. First, a medicine cabinet has been transformed and covered to act as a container for self-image and quirky mementos of the user. A colleague said, “It’s like a woman’s Joseph Cornell shadow box.” I loved this take, since Cornell and surrealist collage is a heavy influence in how I construct a “headspace” in much of my work. For the exhibition, medicine cabinets and shelves will line the gallery, and a family of end tables and small furniture (treated in the same way) will direct viewers into spaces. They will all act as miniature shrines and headspaces, each with a different facet of personality and self-inspection, smothered and covered and softened by plaster. The viewers’ physical relation to the practical objects is important, since the alteration and covering of each piece can be seen as jarring and very personal.

I’m working with monotype printing, which is a very layered and abstracted way to develop space onto the paper surface. The subject matter has been somewhat oblique, while hinting at figuration, gestures and visual noise (static).

Viewers will experience transitions as they experience the entire exhibition. Viewers will move between neighborhoods of furniture objects that break the gallery into new spaces - composed walls of print and sculpture."

Date and Time
Saturday, February 15, 2020
11:00AM (EST5EDT - Eastern Time)

Lansing Art Gallery at 119 North Washington Square
Lansing, Michigan United States